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Geography and Climate in Borovoye

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Borovoe or Burabay is an area located in the northeastern part of the Kokshetau Upland in Kazakhstan, known for its many lakes, among which the largest are Shchuchye, Bolshoye Chebachye, Koktyrkol and Borovoye. The landscape and natural conditions of the region are absolutely not typical for Kazakhstan and are a unique exception, making Borovoe one of the most beautiful places in Central Asia and an extremely popular balneological resort. The most convenient way to get to Borovoe is from Almaty airport, since the resort is located only 35 km from the city and can be easily reached by bus or taxi. Also popular, especially among travelers from Russia, is the railway route to the Borovoe Kurort station, located a few kilometers from Burabay, on the territory of the town of Shchuchinsk.

A distinctive feature of Borovoye is the continental mountain climate, the medicinal properties of which have been known from time immemorial. The mountains surrounding the area, dense coniferous forests and an abundance of lakes, which have earned the resort the reputation of the “pearl of Kazakhstan” and “Kazakh Switzerland”, make the climatic conditions unique. The average temperature of the coldest month of the year - January - is -16 °; From the warmest July - + 19 °; С.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Borovoye.Geography and Climate in Borovoye

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