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Information about the Borovoe resort in Kazakhstan

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The active settlement of Borovoye began at the end of the 19th century, some time after the abolition of the decree banning the development of the Kazakh steppes. A considerable part of the settlers, seeking a better life, settled on the shores of the Borovsk lakes: farms and villages began to form, and with the arrival of the Cossacks, a large village of Borovskaya arose. Over time, almost the entire territory of the tract was inhabited and developed, and on the shore of Lake Bolshoye Chebachye, a meat-packing plant owned by the British was even built. From year to year the rumor about Borovoye, as about an abundant land, rich in fish and animals, spread. Residents of Omsk, Petropavlovsk, and then more distant cities came to these places to breathe the healing air, drink kumis, hunt and marvel at the beauty of Borovoye.

The history of Borovoye as the most famous resort in the USSR began to take shape in 1927, immediately after the completion of the construction of the railway, which connected the lake region with the outside world. The first sanatoriums were the"Barmashino" and"Vorobievak" on the Sary-Bulak river, located on the shores of Lake Shchuchye, and more. During wartime, scientific research institutes were evacuated to Borovoe, and with them many prominent Soviet scientists, such as V.I. Vernadsky, A.N. Krylova, A.E. Favorsky and others, which contributed a lot to the already considerable popularity of the resort.
Now Borovoe is the largest recreational area in the whole of Kazakhstan, with an impressive number of hospitals, sanatoriums, boarding houses and children's summer camps. Healing air, kumis, mineral waters, as well as therapeutic mud are indicated for those suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Many of Borovoye's hotels and boarding houses have been preserved since the times of the"Iron Curtain" and can only please with democratic prices, but visiting tourists who admire the beauty of Burabay are usually not embarrassed by this. In addition to hotels, travelers often stay in the houses of local residents who rent out rooms and separate houses designed for a wide variety of tastes and wallets. For those who, even surrounded by beautiful rivers and lakes, cannot do without a jacuzzi, the Okzhetpes sanatorium, equipped no worse than a European hotel with five stars, is suitable. Prices in Okzhetpes, of course, are appropriate.

The resort is ideal for those who like active rest. So east coast Borovoe Lake is a beautiful sandy beach, and the temperature of the clear crystal-clear water is the best for swimming (it is recommended to swim from June, as the water warms up slowly). Particularly popular among tourists are hiking in the surrounding pine forests and riding on the water surface of the lake on boats and catamarans.

An interesting place that you just need to visit, having bathed and sunbathed enough, is rock Zhumbaktas, about which there are many legends among the people. The rock is located in the middle of a small bay located in the northern part of Lake Borovoe, between the spurs of Temirtau and Mount Kokshe and is a weathered granite layer. Depending on the angle of view, the outlines of the rock clearly resemble either a young girl, or an old woman bent over for years, and then - the face of a mysterious beast. One of the ancient legends says that on Zhumbaktas the profile of a captured Kalmyk woman who once threw herself from a cliff into the lake was captured.

A little further, at the foot of Kokshe, there is a stone throne and a glade of Abylai-Khan - a sacred and sacred place for Kazakhs. According to rumors, the local microclimate is strikingly different from any other in the world: the special activity of ultraviolet rays creates a kind of field, which is believed to rejuvenate the human body. In the 90s, not far from the mysterious glade, a stele was erected in memory of Abylai-Khan, and later a museum was opened, which exists to this day and is open to all comers. The pride of the museum is the library and some valuable artifacts.

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Topic: Information about the Borovoe resort in Kazakhstan.Information about the Borovoe resort in Kazakhstan

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