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Geography and Climate in Shchuchinsk

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Lake view

Lake view

Shchuchinsk – a resort located in the Burabay district of the Akmola region of Kazakhstan on Lake Shchuchye. The population of Shchuchinsk is about 50 thousand people, the distance to Kokshetau – administrative center of the region – is equal to 75 km. You can get to Shchuchinsk from almost any major city in Kazakhstan by train. On the territory of the city there is the Kurort-Borovoe station, located on the large railway line Petropavlovsk-Astana.

 Borovoe resort

Borovoe resort

The climate of Shchuchinsk is sharply continental.Winters are cold and often snowy, with an average temperature of -18 ° C, summers are hot and sunny, temperatures often rise to + 25 ° C. The swimming season lasts from June until September, but in winter, Shchuchinsk is equally popular, mainly due to the sanatoriums open all year round. The resort's time zone is UTC + 6.

 City view

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Shchuchinsk.Geography and Climate in Shchuchinsk

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