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Information about the Shchuchinsk resort in Kazakhstan

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Monument in Shchuchinsk

Monument in Shchuchinsk

Rest and tourism

The first settlement, which gave rise to the future city of Shchuchinsk, arose in the middle of the 19th century near the village of Koktyrkolskaya. A few years later, the settlement acquired its own church, and the population, most of which had previously been Cossacks, began to grow: all this led to the fact that by the beginning of the 20th century the settlement of Shchuchinsky turned into the village of Shchuchinskaya. With the coming to power of the Soviets, the village became a village, the pace of development of which increased sharply: in just 10 years, a mining and metallurgical technical school was opened in the village, extended a railway line to Kokchetav, launched crushed stone and glass factories. Shchuchinsk acquired the status of a city in 1939, but the Great Patriotic War prevented further development, with which only half of those who left returned to their hometown.

Until perestroika, the industrial growth of the city was mainly associated with the commissioning of large enterprises such as Kazremstroymash, Schuchinskkurortstroy, Agroremmash and others. After the total privatization of the 90s, the economy of Shchuchinsk collapsed, and many residents left the city, going abroad. Nevertheless, the 21st century began quite productively for Shchuchinsk: the local authorities literally `` pulled out '' economy, heading for the development of recreational resources and tourism business. Thus, modern Shchuchinsk – the resort is developing and quite promising. Now the bulk of tourists are residents of Russia CIS.

City Railway Station

City Railway Station

Shchuchinsk cannot boast of an abundance of historical sights, but the local nature and climate invariably cause admiration among visitors. One of the city's main attractions to visit is the famous dendrological park. This is in its own way a unique place, the size of which is amazing, and the collections of plants are able to impress as biologists, and ordinary tourists. Most of the natural attractions are concentrated near local lakes, the most famous of which is Borovoe Lake. Popular among tourists places of the Shchuchinsko-Borovsk resort area are the mysterious rock Zhumbaktas, the glade of Abylai-khan – legendary for Kazakhs personality –, Burabay natural park & ndash; the largest protected nature reserve in this area.

The real pride of the city, which earned it the fame of one of the best balneological resorts, are sanatoriums, dispensaries and hotels offering the widest range of health services. So the best city sanatorium is considered to be Almaz, offering rooms of the following classes: economy, comfortable, semi-luxury, luxury and VIP. The sanatorium has its own sandy beach and a water park for children, as well as billiards, table tennis, the possibility of renting snowmobiles, skis and skates. Among the services provided, the most popular are phyto baths, mud applications, acupuncture, thermal therapy, underwater massage showers and inhalations with oils and herbs. Other well-known sanatoriums are Zhumbaktas and 'Shchuchinsky'.



Kokshetau and Tumar – hotels with an impeccable reputation, working all year round and equipped with everything necessary for a good rest: a swimming pool, own restaurants, beaches, SPA-salons and cafes. I must say that recently the number of various kinds of hotels and inns, as well as entertainment establishments, has increased dramatically. This is due to the fact that the city authorities, apparently, decided to turn Shchuchinsk into a kind of Kazakh Las Vegas. There are plans to open a ski complex on Mount Kamenukha, several large casinos and shopping and entertainment centers. Now Shchuchinsk – a place that is ideal for an inexpensive but active holiday `` savage '' in the lap of nature. However, there are plenty of places to spend money here as well.

An interesting feature of Shchuchinsk is the cheapness and prevalence of Kazakh folk cuisine. dishes which can be tasted everywhere. As souvenirs, tourists usually take with them kumis, ceramics and national Kazakh jewelry made by local craftsmen.

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Topic: Information about the Shchuchinsk resort in Kazakhstan.Information about the Shchuchinsk resort in Kazakhstan

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