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Helsinki. Recreation and entertainment

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The cultural life of the city is varied and colorful. Here anyone can choose a vacation to their liking. The city offers endless possibilities in terms of entertainment, as well as calm and quiet relaxation.

There are many excellent restaurants, cozy cafes and great clubs here. Every year the city hosts a variety of events, festivals and other interesting events.

A fourth of the city square is occupied by beautiful parks. Walking areas, recreation parks and equipped picnic areas can be found both in the central part of the city and in the outskirts.

The city is home to one of the famous Finnish amusement parks Linnanaki, where you can ride plenty of amazing rides, enjoy delicious food and take part in various competitions.

It is also worth visiting the local marine life, where you can observe the species of marine life such as rays, sharks, dolphins, seahorses and much more.

Korkeasaari Island is home to one of the best zoos in Europe, featuring animals from the mountainous and northern regions. The most active territory of the zoo was developed by the feline family. In closed aviaries, you can observe the fauna of Asia, Africa and South America.

Helsinki is very good for shopping.

In a variety of shops in the city you can buy clothes and shoes from Finnish designers, as well as highly professional handmade art souvenirs. In shopping centers and boutiques, a wide range of high-tech products are presented. The covered markets and shopping areas offer delicacies and fresh seasonal delicacies.

One of the noisiest and most cheerful holidays in the capital is Vappu, which is celebrated from April 30th to April 1st. May. Every urban area welcomes the arrival of spring.


At the end of August, the city hosts the Arts Festival. Every year art lovers come to the capital to enjoy a full program of contemporary and classical music, theater performances, dance, art exhibitions and film.

Attractions and tourism

Helsinki offers its guests an extensive excursion program.

Senate Square is located in the very center of the city. Here you can see the monument to Alexander II, who in 1812 proclaimed Helsinki the capital of Finland. It also houses University of Helsinki, State Council and Cathedral.

Cathedral is the symbol of the capital. The cathedral was built by the architect Engel, who was sent by Alexander II for the improvement of the city. The building was erected in 1852. Outside, the cathedral is decorated with figures of the apostles. In the interior rooms of the cathedral there are statues by Luther, Agricola, and at the altar you can see a beautiful painting, donated to the Cathedral by Nicholas the First.


One of the pearls of the Senate Square is the State Council , in which the meetings of the Imperial Senate were held in the 19th century. The facade of the building is decorated with the old clock by Konnie.

On the coast there is Sibelius Park, where you can see the famous monument to the composer Jan Sibelius, whose name also bears the Helsinki Academy of Music.

Olympic Stadium is located next to the park. The stadium tower reaches 72 meters in height, from here you can observe a beautiful panorama of the capital from the observation deck.

Sveaborg Sea Fortress was conquered in 1808-1809 during the Russian-Swedish war and was considered the property of Russia for 110 years. The fortress was included in the UNESCO list as an outstanding monument of world culture. Today there are four museums and many old fortifications, you can also visit exhibitions, restaurants, cafes and see the"Alma" - one of the first sailing ships in Finland.

Assumption Cathedral was built in 1868, designed by the architect A. M. Gornostaev, in an excellent pseudo-Byzantine style. The chapel at the cathedral was consecrated in honor of Alexander Hotovitsky, who was rector of the Helsingfors parish until 1917.

Temppelinaukio Church is one of the most interesting and amazing architectural structures in the country. The church was carved into the granite rock by the brothers Tuomo and Timo Suomalainen.

The Sinebryukhov Museum Fine Arts displays a large collection of Western European painting, furniture, porcelain and silver. The Ateneum Museum, built in 1887, houses collections of foreign and Finnish art from the 18-20th centuries. The Museum of Contemporary Art"Kyasma" contains works by Finnish artists since the 60s.

Also worth a visit are the Museum of Applied Arts and Industrial Design, Amos Anderson Museum and National History Museum of Finland.

Just 5 kilometers from the city there is Seurasaari Island, where you can visit Open Air Museum. There are many old Finnish wooden buildings that were brought here from different parts of Finland.

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