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Amusement Park”Superland” in Israel

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Superland Amusement Park is included in   number of the most popular amusement parks in Israel. On its territory   you can see artificial mountains, waterfalls, and many exotic plants. But, of course, the main place in the list of pleasures of the"Superland" is a variety of attractions.

Many thousands of tourists visit the park throughout the year. Here you can spend time both on water attractions and on land. You can also come to"Superland" to have a picnic among the picturesque landscapes on the shore of an artificial lake. To inspect   all the attractions and beauties of"Superland", the most convenient way is to take a sightseeing tour on the funicular.

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Topic: Amusement Park”Superland” in Israel.Amusement Park”Superland” in Israel

Author: Kelly Costine