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Tampere. Recreation and entertainment

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Attractions and tourism

Tampere is a modern city, so there are not many historical monuments here.

One of the most important sights of the city is the Cathedral, built in 1907 by the architect Lars Sonka. This majestic building is made in the style of national romanticism. With its monumentality, the temple resembles an old castle.

There is another fairly modern church in the city - the Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas.

Interesting to see is the modern concrete Kaleva Temple, built in 1966 by the design of Reim Pietil and Riley in the style of modernism.

Tampere-talo or Tampere Palace is the largest concert complex in Scandinavia. The building was built in 1990. It often hosts large-scale theatrical performances, concerts of show business stars, music concerts by leading chamber groups, various performances, congresses and exhibitions.

One of the most interesting places for family vacations in the city is Sarkanniemi Park, which houses the Eden Water Park. The territory of the park has seven different entertainment zones, in which there are more than thirty attractions.

For kids, there are"Little Tug","Boletus Rally" and"Piglet Train". For those who are older, the park provides extreme dizzying rides such as Cobra, Tornado and Frisbee.

The city also houses the country's only dolphinarium, where you can attend a show performed by bottlenose dolphins. The Aquarium Tempere contains over 300 species of various underwater inhabitants. The Planetarium of the city will provide an opportunity to go on an exciting space journey. The observation tower "Nasinneula", which is the highest in the country, will offer a stunning view of the city and its surroundings.

Eden Water Park is located on the shores of Lake Pyhajarvi just 17 kilometers from the city. The water park has a breakwater pool, heated pool, children's pool, water slide (82 meters high), climbing wall, Turkish, Roman-Irish and Finnish saunas, solarium, jacuzzi, children's playroom, etc.

-therapeutic procedures. The methods of treatment are herbal baths, Charcot's douche, mud therapy, massage, restorative physical and acoustic procedures, a golf simulator.


Tampere Museums

There are about 20 museums in Tampere, most of which are unique. Here you can visit: Boxing Museum, Mobilia Museum, Art Museum, which exhibits a collection of contemporary national art, the Hockey Museum, the Pharmacy Museum, the Vapriykki Museum Center and much more.

The only Spy Museum in Scandinavia is especially famous.

One of the country's first large enterprises was the Finlayson cotton mill. The factory now houses the Steam Engine Museum and the Textile Industry Museum.

Popular among foreign tourists in the city is the Lenin Museum, located next to the Spy Museum.

Families who come to the city with children, will be able to appreciate the incomparable Khaikhara Museum located in the Hatanpaa Kartano Estate. The museum has collected a huge collection of dolls, which numbers about 4 thousand copies from all over the world.

The City Library has a museum "Mummalaasko" ("Valley of the Mummies"), which displays an extremely fascinating composition representing the everyday life of each character of the fairytale family. The museum is closed on Mondays.



The closest ski resort to the city the center is Harvant. The center is located on the Turtolankatu highway. There are three equipped tracks, the longest being 350 meters. There is a restaurant on site and ski equipment rental is available.

Korkeakangas is located near Tampere on the Veikkohakulisentie highway, next to Valkeakoski. This ski center has two large ski slopes. There is a cafeteria and ski equipment rental on site.

Slightly north of the city, 11 kilometers away, there is the Mustavuori sports center. There are three small tracks, one of which is for children. There is a cafeteria and ski equipment rental on site.

30 kilometers northwest of the city, on the Karkunkylantie highway in Ellivuori, there is Ellivuori Ski Center. The complex has 6 lighted trails equipped with snow cannons. The longest track is 800 meters long. There are also 5 kilometers of illuminated trails. The complex has a sports equipment rental and a restaurant.

Beach Holidays

Tampere is the most lake town in the country. In the vicinity of the city, there are about two hundred lakes, the largest of which are lakes Pyhajarvi and Nasijarvi.

In summer, picnics can be organized here, you can also take a cruise to Hameenlinna or Visavuori, take a steamboat ride and visit the rugged rocky shores of Nasijarvi.

In summer, tourist boats run between Visavuori and Tampere.

From the end of May to mid-August, Viikinsaari is open for tourists - the pearl of lake cruises, which is located just 20 minutes by steamer or ship from Laucontri. Viikinsaari is a versatile oasis where you can relax on a cozy beach, visit an excellent a la carte restaurant with a dance floor and an exquisite terrace.

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