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Mactan. Recreation and entertainment

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Mactan   is a place where you can fully enjoy beach holidays, and   also pay tribute to such a popular hobby as diving. Many diving enthusiasts dive near the   Hilutangan Island, which separates the islands of Olango and   Mactan. In addition, Mactan offers its guests excellent sandy beaches, comfortable hotels.

Diving on   Mactan

While diving on   Mactan, you can see nudibranch molluscs, a rare species of coral"elephant's ear" , eagle rays, triggerfish, and   also seahorses and   a variety of tropical fish species, including two-color"angels", blue-nosed moray eels, barracuda, angler fish, dragon fish.

Of the   most popular dive sites Costa Bella, Dakit-Dakit, Kon-Tiki, Marigordon, Bas Coral, Santa Rosa, Hadsan and   Ludo. The underwater landscapes here are the most picturesque and attract tourists with their accessibility. Here you can see sand eels, three-meter fox sharks, and dolphins.


Mactan   - by   itself is a natural landmark with   its tropical vegetation and   the purest sea water, but   exist here and   historical monuments.

Resting on   Mactan,

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Topic: Mactan. Recreation and entertainment.Mactan. Recreation and entertainment

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