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Herrenchiemsee in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Herrenchiemse – one of the residences of the Bavarian king Ludwig II, located outside the city on the island of Herreninsel in the middle of Lake Chiemsee, the largest lake in Bavaria.

Ludwig II wanted to pay tribute to his idol – the French king Louis XIV – and therefore the castle was built on the model and likeness of the Palace of Versailles.

The first stone of Herrenchiemsee was laid in May 1878. The extravagance in the construction of other castles of Ludwig II here is exaggerated many times in the cost of both money and labor.

The remoteness of the castle, its solitude is due to the desire of King Ludwig to be alone sometimes. Here it was guaranteed to him.

Ludwig II bought the island after it was confiscated from the church in 1803 and changed many owners. In 1874, the king traveled to France and carefully inspected the Palace of Versailles. Then he decided to build himself a similar castle-palace. By 1881 the construction was completed, but by the time of the king's death most of the rooms and premises of the castle had not been furnished.

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Topic: Herrenchiemsee in Germany, Bavaria resort.Herrenchiemsee in Germany, Bavaria resort

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