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Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Neuschwanstein Castle – castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, located near the town of Fussen, created in the style of romanticism.

Neuschwanstein Castle has an interesting history: it rises on the site of two Schwangau castles. Ludwig II ordered to blow up the rock, thus lowering the plateau on which he wanted to build his own 'fairytale palace'. In September 1869, after the laying of the pipeline and the construction of the road, the foundation of the palace was laid. The construction of the castle was supervised by the court architect Eduard Riedel, and his ideas were embodied by the Munich master Christian Jank, who creates paintings called vedutes.

Construction of the castle progressed very dynamically and was almost completed by 1884. The private royal chambers were arranged, where Ludwig II spent a lot of time in the next two years until his death.

Materials such as sandstone brought from Nurtingen, marble from Salzburg were used in the construction of the castle ... When erecting the walls, trolleys, a steam-powered crane, and a system of lifting blocks were used. More than 200 stonecutters, carpenters and auxiliary workers were involved in the work. After the death of Ludwig II, the construction was stopped, the knight's premises and the third floor of the palace were not completed. The plans for the construction of a 90-meter-high tower and a church were not implemented either. The western terrace and the bathhouse also remained only on the drawings.

The main hall of the palace, for the sake of which it was built – hall of singers. It embodies the idea of the halls of the Wartburg Castle – Song and Festive. The walls of the hall are decorated with wall paintings telling the legends of Parzival, which inspired the composer Wagner to create his works. During the life of the king, the hall that he so wanted to equip was not used. It was only in 1933 that the hall began to be used. Until 1939, concerts were held here. After the war, the hall was not used for several decades; since 1969, festive concerts have been held here again. The throne room, despite its incompleteness, is by far the most impressive: a marble staircase, a mosaic floor with images of plants and animals, marble two-color columns, paintings by Wilhelm Hausschild, which depict 12 apostles, kings numbered among saints, Jesus Christ, Mary and John. Everything here speaks of the indestructible connection between the king and God.

A significant place in the castle is occupied by illustrations to the old legends of Germany and Wagner's operas. The motif of a swan is often found in the interior elements of the castle, it is a heraldic bird of the family of Counts Schwangau.

Today the castle houses a museum.

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