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Linderhof Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Linderhof Castle – the castle of King Ludwig II, the only castle completed during his lifetime. The palace is located on the territory of the Ammergebirge nature reserve, it is surrounded by a beautiful park, in which there is the royal hunting lodge Linderhof. Even Maximilian II, Ludwig's father, bought Ettal from the monastery.

Linderorf Castle was built as a place for solitude and relaxation. Construction lasted from 1869 to 1886. This palace – the only one completed during the life of Ludwig I. This statement is true in the sense that the building itself was completed before his death. But the work on finishing the palace continued later, and shortly before the king's death, the reconstruction of the royal bedroom began, the result of which he did not see.

The best artists worked on the interiors – Angelo Kvadlio, Wilhelm Gauschild. The walls are decorated with canvases and tapestries with pastoral motives. The style of interior decoration combines elements of rococo, baroque and pastoral. This creates a fabulous atmosphere, close to the dreamy idealist King Ludwig I. The magnificent castle rooms, including the large East Tapestry, West Tapestry, Dining, Reception and Bedroom, divide the Purple, Yellow, Blue and Pink offices. The most interesting place in the palace, however, is the grotto of Venus. This is an artificial cave in the park, built by August Dirigl, landscape architect, in 1876-1877. The cave is over ten meters high. The cave often hosted performances based on Wagner's operas. The grotto is decorated with a painting of the feast of Mount Venus in Gerselberg, where the legendary minstrel Tannhauser is together with the goddesses Venus and Golda and the nymphs. The grotto is illuminated with artificial light of different colors, a lake and a waterfall are created in it. In the middle of the lake – a small artificial island on which the dancers were located, and a shell-shaped boat was built for the singers. Often Ludwig arranged here a 'one-actor theater in reverse' – Sitting in the boat, he listened to his favorite arias performed by the best Munich singers.

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Topic: Linderhof Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Linderhof Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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