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Lake Chiemsee in Germany

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Lake Chiemsee is a fresh lake in German Bavaria, 70 kilometers east of Munich. Locals call it"Bavarian Sea". The Alz River flows out of the lake, the Prien and Tyroller-Achen rivers flow into the lake.

There are several islands on the lake, the main ones among them are Herrenchiemsee ("Male Island") and Frauenchiemsee ("Female Island") ... Herrenchiemsee is dominated by the palace of the same name, built by Ludwig II, the last Bavarian king, in 1878. On the Frauenchiemsee island there is an ancient Benedictine convent, built in 782, and a small village.

There is a recreational area around the lake, which is home to trout. In 2001, a golden cauldron was found at the bottom of the lake.

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Topic: Lake Chiemsee in Germany.Lake Chiemsee in Germany

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