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Berg Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Berg Castle is one of the many castles in Bavaria, located on Lake Starnberg.

The castle was built by the end of the 17th century by order of the Bavarian Elector Ferdinand Maria. Under Maximilian II, the castle was rebuilt from 1849 to 1851. The architect Eduard Riedel supervised the work that resulted in the addition of four neo-Gothic battlement towers. Later, another tower was erected, which was named"Isolde" by Ludwig II of Bavaria. In 1853 a pier was built. Berg Castle became another summer residence of Ludwig II. It was connected to Munich by a telegraph line. The Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna, who was visiting Bavaria in 1868, was invited by Ludwig II to get acquainted with the castle.

In 1876, in the castle garden, which was converted from a French Baroque to an English landscape, a Moorish pavilion and a small chapel were built.

In 1886, when King Ludwig was deemed insane and deprived of his right to rule, he was transferred to Berg Castle. A day after his arrival, the king, accompanied by Professor Bernhard von Gudden, went for a walk in the castle park. On this day, both of them died under mysterious circumstances on Lake Starnberg - their bodies were found in shallow water. It was not possible to recreate the exact picture of events, not a single witness was found. The official, but very dubious and not supported by facts, version consists in the assumption that the professor, trying to prevent the suicide of the king who survived from the mind, drowned himself. On the site of this incomprehensible event, a memorial wooden cross was erected, and the castle was turned into a museum. In 1939 it was recognized as a historical and cultural landmark in Germany.

After the Second World War, the castle was significantly damaged and taken over by the American military. Restoration work was carried out, but the towers were not restored.

Today Berg Castle is the residence of the Duke of Bavaria Franz, head of the House of Wittelsbach.

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Topic: Berg Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Berg Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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