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Marble Arch in the UK, London Resort

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The once luxurious triumphal Marble Arch adorned the Main Alley of Buckingham Palace. In those at times it was the front gate of the palace chambers. Pass in only senior members of the royal family, horse artillery, and the King's Detachment.

The author of the project of the Marble Arch was the famous architect John Nash. During the construction of the structure, he was guided by the Roman Triumphal arch of Constantine. The work was completed by 1828, since then the arch has become used for festive processions of the royal family and royal troops.

However, the monument was not destined to stand in this place until our days. At the end of the 19th century, it was decided to attach an additional facade to the palace and the arch was transported to the west end of Oxford Street and placed on the territory Hyde Park, where it is located to this day. According to popular legend, it was solved remove, because it interfered with the passage of the Queen's golden carriage, that is, simply was too narrow for her. However, word of mouth tends to exaggerate and you should not rely on these rumors.

Now the arch can be found next to the Oratory near Metro Marble Arch. According to another legend at this place in the Middle Ages the Tyburn gallows was located, on which almost 50 thousand were executed criminals and heretics. The arch can be freely viewed and walked through building - it has long been open to ordinary people who are not burdened by the royal title.

The building has three passages of different widths: large central arch and small side openings. The facade of the monument is decorated with columns and a bas-relief, the figured groups of which symbolize England, Ireland and Scotland as part of Great Britain. Previously, the composition was crowned with a statue of George IV, but it was moved to Trafalgar Square. The same fate also suffered some other sculptures.

The Marble Arch has several interiors, in which once housed the royal constables and the police station.

Interestingly, very close to the arch in the famous Oratory corner you can hear various speeches on political, religious and other topics.

The monument is located near busy roads, so there were rumors about moving the arch deep into the park or another more favorable pedestrian spot.

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Topic: Marble Arch in the UK, London Resort.Marble Arch in the UK, London Resort

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