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Arch of Constantine in Italy, Rome resort

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The Arc de Triomphe of Constantine is a three-span arch located between the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum in Rome. The arch is one of the later surviving triumphal arches in the city, contains decorative elements that were removed from the most ancient structures.

The arch was erected in 315 in honor of the victory of Constantine over Makentius in the battle of Malvian Bridge that took place in October 312. The arch is the only one in Rome, built in honor of the victory in the civil war, and not over an external enemy.

The arch reaches 21 meters in height, and 25.7 meters deep 7.4 meters. The height of the central span 11.5 meters, width 6.5 meters. The height of the side spans 7.4 meters, width 3.4 meters.

The material for the main part of the monument was marble blocks, the attic is made of brick faced with marble. The eight Corinthian columns were created from yellow Numidian marble. On the front side, the bases of the columns were decorated with reliefs depicting Victoria, on the sides - and reliefs of prisoners of barbarians and Roman soldiers. The image of Victoria can also be seen in the sinuses of the main span. These reliefs were made during the reign of Constantine.

The side arches are decorated with a pair of medallions from the Hadrian period. From the north side, from left to right, they depict boar hunt, sacrifice to the god Apollo, lion hunt, sacrifice to Hercules. From the south side hunting trip, sacrifice to Sylvanas, bear hunting, sacrifice to Diana. Hadrian's heads in the hunting scenes were replaced by Constantine on the north side, the sacrifice scenes to Constance Chlorus and Licinius, vice versa on the south side. On the side of the arch, antique medallions depict the deities of the Moon and the Sun in chariots.

Below, under the medallions, there is a relief frieze, made in the time of Constantine, depicting Constantine's campaign against Maxentius.


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Topic: Arch of Constantine in Italy, Rome resort.Arch of Constantine in Italy, Rome resort

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