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Arch of Titus in Italy, Rome resort

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The Arch of Triumph of Titus is a single-span arch located near the Roman Forum, on the Sacred Road.

The arch was built in 81 AD ... Emperor Domitian in honor of the capture of Jerusalem. Subsequently, the arch served as a model for the creation of most of the triumphal arches. Previously, there was another arch of Titus, built by the Senate in 81, in the eastern part of the Irkus Maximus hippodrome.

The arch reaches 15.4 meters in height, and ndash; 13.5 meters, span width is 5.33 meters, span depth – 4.75 meters. The material for the construction was Pentel marble brought from Attica.

The arch was decorated with half-columns, which are now the first known example of a composite order. Near the span of the arch in the corners, you can see carved images of the winged Victoria. In the inner part of the span there are two bas-reliefs – Emperor Titus, driving a chariot, and a procession with trophies taken from Jerusalem. A similar statue of Titus on a chariot was also located at the top of the arch, but, unfortunately, has not survived to our time.

During the Middle Ages, the arch was part of the fortress buildings, as a result of which part of the arch was destroyed. In 1821, a large-scale restoration of the arch was carried out, under the direction of Giuseppe Valadier. He decorated the arch with new elements, and to mark them, he made patterns in travertine, also simplifying their shape a little.

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Topic: Arch of Titus in Italy, Rome resort.Arch of Titus in Italy, Rome resort

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