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Nelson's Column in Great Britain, London Resort

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Nelson's Column was laid in 1840 and in just three years rose to the upper target. This grand pillar is meant to remind the nation of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who laid down his life for the Empire and the Queen. The square, the center of which tramples on the monument, is named after the Battle of Trafalgar, which died down in 1805 - the last battle in the life of a heroic naval commander.

The monument was erected by the architect William Railton. At its base are four guardian lions by Edwin Landseer, added in 1867. It is traditional for the British to modify historical monuments in decades, if not centuries.

The sides of the cubic base of the column are decorated with bronze plates cast from captured French guns. The surface of the slabs bears the engravings of the four most important victories of the admiral.

The capital is wearing a wreath of bronze leaves, the metal for which was also taken from the British cannons, damaged in battles.

Sir Nelson himself is located on the dome of the building, or rather, his bronze copy, 5.5 meters high, by a member of the Royal Academy of Arts, Edward Hodges Bailey. At the base of the statue, at a height of more than forty meters, there is a tiny plaque with the name of the sculptor - as you know, the British are distinguished by a peculiar sense of humor.

The metal face is turned to the southern docks, where the admiral's favorite ship stands forever" HMS Victorу ”, turned into a museum. The battle ship is nearly a quarter of a millennium.

Mall Street is spread out on the right hand of the bronze figure, along the entire length of which flagpoles with images of ships of Nelson's squadron are fortified.

Around the monument, everything reminds of the old naval war. At the corners of the square there are four pedestals - on three of them there are statues of King George IV and his famous generals, while the fourth was empty for a long time for a century and a half. Only in 2010, the indecisive British hoisted a gigantic composition with a model of Nelson's battleship, placed in a plexiglass bottle. The author of the art object is the sculptor Yinki Shonibare.

In 2006, in the wake of the restorations to which the London monuments were subjected, Nelson's column was also renewed. An interesting fact: during preliminary measurements it turned out that the column is several meters lower than stated in encyclopedias.

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Topic: Nelson's Column in Great Britain, London Resort.Nelson's Column in Great Britain, London Resort

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