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Framlingham Castle in the UK

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ImageBack in the 6th century, various defensive structures stood on the site where Framlingham is now located. However, the first mention of the castle occurs only in 1100. It says that the castle was granted to the second Earl of Norfolk Roger Bigo by King Henry I. Then the castle was a small mound surrounded by a moat and a wooden palisade. In 1175 King Henry II destroyed Framlingham. In 1200, Roger's son Bigot began to restore the castle. It is the result of its restoration that can be seen today as Framlingham Castle. Then 13 towers were erected, of which as many as 12 have survived to this day, and the wall connecting them, the height of which is 13 meters and the thickness is 2.5 meters. Framlingham's guests can walk along this wall today. Roger Bigot, a descendant of the castle's founder, was a rebellious baron who opposed King John. Because of this, the castle was besieged by royal troops in 1216. The castle fell literally two days later and was confiscated by the king. As a result, only members of the royal families owned the castle for the next two centuries. And after 200 years of Framlingham, the Howard family received the right to possess Framlingham. Thomas Howard, during the reign of Henry VII, carried out many modernizations at the castle, characteristic of the Tudor era. These upgrades include decorative fireplaces and brickwork. Henry VIII again confiscated the castle in favor of the crown, and his son Edward VI gave Framlingham to his sister Mary. It was in this castle in 1553 that she learned the news that she had been proclaimed Queen of England. Maria returned the castle to the Howard family, but they have not used it as a residence since. However, the castle does not stay long with the Howards - Elizabeth I again confiscates the castle in favor of the crown and turns it into a prison in which the opponents of the new Anglican Church were imprisoned. The castle gradually fell into disrepair and in 1613 again became the property of the Howard family. In 1635, Robert Hitchum buys the castle and is busy with its extensive restoration. His will said that the castle should be destroyed and an almshouse should be built in its place. The almshouse appeared only 30 years after his death and was used as a fire station, courthouse, school and training hall. In 1913 the castle passed to the state. Now only a shell is left of it, so one can only guess what the castle was like before.

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Topic: Framlingham Castle in the UK.Framlingham Castle in the UK

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