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Edlingham Castle in the UK

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ImageThis castle is located in the county of Northumberland, in the northern part of England, right on the border of England and Scotland. Due to its border position, it survived many wars and sieges, and also had a rather important strategic importance. The castle was built in 1147 and originally belonged to John of Edlingham. In 1294 Edlingham was sold to William de Felton by a descendant of John. William strongly fortified the castle, erected a watchtower and a rampart. In 1396, under Elizabeth de Felton and her husband Edmund Hastings, a solar observatory was built in the castle. In 1514 the castle was rented by George Swinburne. The lease continued until the 18th century. By this time, the castle gradually fell into decay. Back in the 7th century, almost all buildings were dismantled, and the stone was taken from them for the construction of houses. In 1978, the castle was bought by the state. Today, Edlingham can be reached at any time of the day all year round.

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Topic: Edlingham Castle in the UK.Edlingham Castle in the UK

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