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Nunni Castle in Great Britain

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ImageThis little known and small castle is located five to six miles from From. It again began to belong to the Crown quite late, only under King Edward III. The founder of the castle was John Delamer, who is rumored to have built Nunni with the money he received during the wars with France for the ransom of prisoners. The castle consists of only one building, which is surrounded by a moat filled with water. The base of the castle is made up of four round towers, the southern and northern ones being located close to each other, and a powerful wall connects the western and eastern facades of the tower. The castle is quite beautiful - it is made of cut stone, and the tops of the towers and walls are decorated with perpendicular battlements. The castle has absolutely no external buildings - a moat comes right up to its base. In this, Nunni is similar to Bodiam or Sherbun. The inside of the castle consists of three tiers. You can get to any floor using the stairs located in the northwest tower. On the ground floor of the building there is a small chapel with a large window upstairs and a hall with a fireplace. The interior is still partitioned off by part of the masonry that collapsed back in 1910. Images of the 17th century castle have come down to us, which show that once the corner towers had tapered roofs, and the entire upper tier of the Nunni was occupied by a promenade. You can still see the cornices on which this platform rested. The appearance of these cornices indicates that the platform was most likely wooden. The castle is located very low, so that, despite the moat, it was a very weak defensive structure at the end of the XIV century, that is, at the time of the beginning of the widespread use of artillery.

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Topic: Nunni Castle in Great Britain.Nunni Castle in Great Britain

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