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Warkworth Castle in the UK

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ImageThis castle is located on a small hill by the Coquvert River. His first buildings appeared here in the XII century. They were built by Henry, son of David I and the Earl of Northumberland. In 1157, Northumberland was captured by the British and the castle was given to Roger FitzRichard. However, the castle is usually associated with a much more famous surname - the Percy family acquired it in 1332. In those days, the Percy dynasty held in hands almost the entire northern part of England. Their main possession was Alnwick Castle, but they often visited Warkworth, constantly rebuilding and improving it. The most famous addition to the castle is the 14th century watchtower. The tower is one of the most impressive in all of England. The Percy family regularly clashed with the ruling family, their lands were periodically confiscated, but no less often returned back. After his death in 1537, the Earl of Percy Henry handed over the castle to Henry VIII. After that, the family was no longer able to regain the castle, despite their best efforts. This was due to the fact that the earls of Percy were Catholic, and because of this they were in serious conflict with the Protestant Elizabeth I. After the anti-royal uprising of the northern lords was suppressed, the seventh Earl of Percy was ravaged and the castle was plundered. Then the castle began to decline, but then it was transferred under state care and now it is open to the public.

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Topic: Warkworth Castle in the UK.Warkworth Castle in the UK

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