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Prudhoe Castle in the UK

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ImageThe ruins of this medieval castle are located in Northumberland in Northern England, on the south bank of the Tyne. In 1100, Robert d'Amphreville was granted the barony. His son Onidel in 1182 built the stone Prudho Castle on the site of an old wooden fortification. Onidel swore allegiance to the King of England, which is why Scottish troops unsuccessfully besieged the castle in 1173 and 1174. In the end, it was Onidel with his troops who captured the King of Scotland, William the Lion. In 1381, the third Baron Prudho died and left no heir. The genus d'Amphreville was interrupted. His widow married the Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy, and after she died in 1398, the castle became the property of the influential Percy family. In 1405, the castle was besieged and conquered by Henry IV, and he returned to the Percy family only 65 years later. In subsequent years, the castle fell into desolation and was partially destroyed. In 1818, Hugh Percy took over its restoration, rebuilding the main tower and wall. The castle is now open to visitors during April, May and all summer months from 10 am to 6 pm.

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Topic: Prudhoe Castle in the UK.Prudhoe Castle in the UK

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