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Scarborough Castle in the UK

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ImageThis castle sits on a triangular rocky promontory that rises 300 feet above the sea. Archaeologists have found objects that indicate that there were settlements on the site of the castle as early as the Iron Age and during the rule of the Romans. The first castle on this site was built in 1130 by Wilhelm of Omal. He placed walls along the promontory and built a tower where the citadel is now. Scarborough was built as a manor, but was returned to the Crown as a castle in 1154 by decree of Henry II. Henry II improved the castle by erecting a large citadel instead of a tower and walls around the courtyard. Further improvements were continued by King John, who expanded and enlarged the castle walls. Subsequently, a new royal apartment was also built, a building with a hall located in the courtyard and another large building in the outer courtyard. And in 1243, the new King Henry III added a tower with a drawbridge, which was attached to a stone arch. In 1312, the castle was not besieged for long. And in 1645 Scarborough was besieged by the troops of Parliament. Its defenders, who were on the side of the royalists, managed to withstand a 5-month siege, but on July 25 of the same year the castle fell. After the civil war ended, the castle was turned into a prison. In the middle of the 18th century, barracks were added to the castle, which were used until the middle of the 19th century. During the First World War, Scarborough was badly damaged, but it was quickly restored.

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Topic: Scarborough Castle in the UK.Scarborough Castle in the UK

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