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Corfe Castle in Great Britain

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ImageThe remains of Corfe Castle are located on a hill that protects the main road to the castle. The castle was built to guard the space between the rest of England and the Purback Hills, which used to be quarried for marble. That is, it was impossible to leave those territories without passing by the Corfe castle. It is believed that this place was a stronghold and defensive point even during the Roman conquest, so that Corfe Castle has a long and rich history. At first it was built of wood, but at the end of the 11th century, William the Conqueror ordered the rebuilding of Corfe Castle, so that from then until the 16th century it was a stone royal fortress for the English monarchs. In 1572, the war was waged a little differently, and the castle was sold by Queen Elizabeth I to her favorite and dance teacher, Ser Christopher Hatton. In 1635 it was bought by the supreme jurist Sir John Banks as another private residence. Over time, the Banks completely moved to this castle. In 1643, almost all of Dorsetshire was occupied by parliamentarians, but Lady Banks and her supporters were able to stay in the castle for six weeks. John Banks died in 1644, but in 1646 the castle was captured. In theory, the castle remained with the Banks until 1982, but then it was bequeathed to the Banks National Trust.

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Topic: Corfe Castle in Great Britain.Corfe Castle in Great Britain

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