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Kenilworth Castle in the UK

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ImageThis castle, which is located in Warwickshire, has played a very important role in the history of England for more than half a thousand years. Kenilworth was first mentioned in the chronicle of William the Conqueror in 1086, although there is evidence that Saxon fortifications were located here even before that time. Throughout its existence, the castle has been modified many times. At first it was a Norman wood-and-earth fortress, then it was rebuilt using local sandstone. Later, the castle was made more comfortable, turning it into an Elizabethan-style palace. To this day, only the gate tower has survived, turned into a residential building - the rest of the castle is partially destroyed, but there is still something to see in it. The earliest stone building on the territory of the castle is a rectangular citadel with a height of 3 floors. Several service visits are located near the citadel. There is also a Great Hall in the castle, from which only walls and high windows remain. In Kenilworth, there are six towers, each of which performed its own special function: some served to guard the castle, in others received guests, and in the third lived the owners of the castle. It was all built by John Goth. The rest of the buildings, including the gate tower and new living quarters, were built by the Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley, under Elizabeth I. This period is considered the heyday of the castle. Dudley was the Queen's favorite, so he built a luxurious suite especially for Elizabeth in the castle. Like most English castles, Kenilvroth did not escape the fate of ruin. During the Civil War, he passed from one hand to another many times, up to 1660. During various battles and sieges, one castle wall was damaged, and one side of the main watchtower was completely destroyed. The rest of the buildings also suffered severe damage. When the gate tower was made habitable, the rest of the castle was left unattended. In the 19th century, the castle already looked like a very picturesque ruin. In 1937, Kenilworth was bought by Sir John Davenport Siddley. Davenport donated the castle to England, and in 1984 the English Heritage organization took over it. Nowadays, the castle is completely open to guests, so everyone can learn about its rich history. Kenilworth is open daily all year round. Here you can see medieval performances: theatrical performances, knightly tournaments and training of birds of prey.

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Topic: Kenilworth Castle in the UK.Kenilworth Castle in the UK

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