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Bodiam Castle in the UK

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ImageThis castle, located right above the water, has attracted the attention of people all over the world for centuries. It was created in order to become an impregnable bastion, and over time it became a magnificent historical monument. The peculiarity of the castle, built in the style typical of the 14th century, is that it is located in the center of a huge moat. The castle was built to protect against the French and it is connected to the land only by a narrow wooden bridge, which at the castle walls turns into a lifting bridge. This construction made the fortress really impregnable for a long time. At present, the exterior of the castle seems to be completely preserved, but inside it there is only a grassy courtyard, a souvenir shop and a cafe. Thus, this castle is now an ideal picnic spot. Bodiam Castle has been resold many times and has never lasted long in one hand. Its owners can easily determine the historical epochs of England. Fortunately for the modern generation, the owners of the castle appreciated almost everything, strengthened and maintained it in proper condition. The castle was founded in 1385 by Edward Dalingridge with the permission of the monarch. The then king primarily thought about the benefit for the state - the castle was located just on the line of defense from France. A century later, the Dalingridge family was interrupted, and the castle began to belong to the Leucrons, whose political views were very different from generally accepted. The castle was besieged by government troops, and in the end it was taken. In the middle of the 17th century, the castle was constantly resold, and only in the 20th century it was purchased by the National Trust organization, which now owns it. The easiest way to get to Bodiam is by train or car. Trains to the castle, more specifically to Hastings station, run from London from Charring Cross Station. And by car you can get from Hastings along the northern highway - you will have to drive about 16 kilometers. Bodiam is open to tourists from February to October every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The rest of the time, the castle can only be accessed on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm. The castle hosts guided tours, shows, special games for children and theatrical performances.

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Topic: Bodiam Castle in the UK.Bodiam Castle in the UK

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