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Schonhausen Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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Schonhausen Palace – a baroque palace in the Pankow district of Berlin.

The Schonhausen palace has a long history and has changed many owners, including a Countess from the Don family, the father of Field Marshal Grumbkov, Elector Frederick I. the elector was rebuilt buildings, led by Johann Arnold Nering. Eosander von Goethe took up the construction of the wings in 1704. At the same time the garden was arranged.

After the death of Frederick I, his son gave the palace and all the buildings to accommodate officials. The land adjacent to the palace was leased. During this period, the wife of Crown Prince Friedrich, Elizabeth Christina, visited the palace, she really liked the palace. Frederick II, ascending the throne, presented the palace to her. For decades, Elizabeth Christina spent the summer months here and invested large sums of money in the arrangement of the ornamental Rococo garden. She did not have enough funds for the maintenance and repair of the palace itself. During the Seven Years War, the palace was destroyed. In 1764, the king allocated a small budget for its restoration.

After the death of Elizabeth Christina, Frederica Mecklenburg-Strelitzky, sister of Queen Louise, lived in the palace. At this time, the palace park was decorated in the English style. This was the end of the innovations, and since the second half of the 19th century, paintings and pieces of furniture were kept in the palace.

In 1920, after the overthrow of the Prussian monarchy, the castle became the property of the state and soon, in 1935 , under the National Socialists, was rebuilt for a variety of exhibitions. Later, objects of the so-called `` degenerate art '' began to be brought here. Works by Franz Marc, Vincent Van Gogh, Wilhelm Lembruck, Ernst Barlach and others were stored in the palace. During the Second World War, the palace received minor damage, which were soon repaired. A little later, the building was requisitioned by the Soviet military administration. An officer's club was organized there, and then a school and boarding school for Soviet children.

In 1949, the palace became the property of the GDR, and until 1960 was the official residence of President Wilhelm Pieck. Then the palace was rebuilt again, separating the inner garden from the outer with a wall. Over time, the palace began to perform only representative functions, it housed foreign statesmen (Ho Chi Minh and NS Khrushchev, Indira Gandhi and Fidel Castro, Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife).

Since 2005, restoration work, during which it was planned to give the building its original appearance. Completed in 2009, the palace and park have been open to the public ever since.


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Topic: Schonhausen Palace in Austria, Berlin resort.Schonhausen Palace in Austria, Berlin resort

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