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Dover Castle in Great Britain

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ImageThis castle is located in Kent County. It is the oldest castle in England. Even before 1066, that is, before the Norman conquest, fortified structures were located in the port city of Dover - the city was a strategically important point. In 50 BC, the Romans built a lighthouse here, the remains of which have survived to this day. Dover Castle is located exactly on the site of this lighthouse - it was built in 1167 by Henry III. The castle was immediately surrounded by a fortress wall with twelve towers and was well fortified. The main attraction of Dover Castle is the powerful gate that is wedged between a pair of huge towers. The thickness of the walls of these towers in some places reaches 6 meters. Most of the inner buildings were completed by 1180, and they had quite comfortable conditions, unusual for that time, for example, a water supply. During the entire existence of the castle, it was rebuilt many times. Dover Castle is one of the largest castles in size in all of England. Due to its particularly important strategic position, the castle is called the"Key to England". In the rocky rock on which the castle stands, at a depth of fifteen meters, complex tunnels have been cut, intended for the soldiers' barracks. At the time when the castle was functioning, about two thousand soldiers lived in the barracks. The tunnels in 1939 were turned first into a bomb shelter, and then into a hospital. Today, Dover Castle houses a very interesting exhibition that tells about the history of the castle and the whole of England.

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