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Windsor Castle in the UK

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ImageWindsor Castle is the most famous castle in England. Since the reign of William the Conqueror, it has been the main home of the royal family. In addition, it is considered the oldest and largest residential castle in the world. The first fortifications that appeared here were a wooden structure on an artificial hill. Throughout its existence, Windsor Castle has been rebuilt many times. Different rulers have changed the castle according to their tastes, but the foundation of the castle - a circular house surrounded by walls - remained in the same place where it was built by the founder of the castle, Wilhelm. Due to its favorable strategic position (near the Thames, 30 kilometers west of London), the castle was an important Norman post. The first stone buildings were built by King Henry II in 1170. In 1350, King Edward III destroyed Henry's buildings and rebuilt the castle. By the way, it is Edward's central structure that has survived to this day. Then the castle was rebuilt and completed many times. Large-scale construction in the years 1820-1830 turned the castle into a Gothic palace that can be seen today. Despite the fact that the royal family lives in Windsor Castle, most of it is open to tourists. In the grand halls of the palace, you can see antique furniture, decorative structures and valuable paintings. A fire in 1992 destroyed some of the royal chambers open to the public, but they were quickly restored. When visiting the castle, be sure to take a walk in the park surrounding the building. The state apartments of the palace are decorated with several works from the Royal Collection. Here you can see paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Canaletto, as well as the famous triple portrait of Charles the First by Anthony van Dyck. From October to March, tourists can visit the private apartments of George IV, which are semi-parade halls. The interiors of these rooms are known for their rich decoration even against the background of the rest of the castle rooms. The castle also houses St George's Chapel, which is one of the finest Gothic buildings in all of England. Another attraction of Windsor is the Royal Doll House, which belonged to Queen Mary. It is the most famous dollhouse in the world. In the palace gallery of drawings, you can see a variety of exhibitions dedicated to various events in the life of royalty. Also, various items are displayed here, one way or another connected with the life of the ruling dynasty of England.

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