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Eidon Castle in the UK

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ImageInitially, Aiden Castle was built as the Lord's estate, but numerous conflicts between England and Scotland just in Northumberland forced to attach defensive structures to the estate, turning it into a real castle. However, despite all the precautions in 1315, the Scots managed to capture the castle, after which it, like many other castles in England, constantly passed from one owner to another. The last time the castle was captured by the Scots was in 1346. In 1294, Eidon was bought by Hugh de Reims. In 1296 his rich son made the castle stone. And in 1305, he finally received permission from the king to turn the manor castle into a fortress castle. It was at this time that the castle was surrounded by protective walls that divided the inner space of the castle into separate courtyards. In the XVI-XVII centuries, the castle became the center of an agricultural estate. And since the 18th century, the castle began to be used as a private country estate. In this status, Eidon existed until 1966, until he was handed over to the"English Heritage". The castle consists of an inner, middle and outer courtyard. The courtyard contains the garden and the main buildings, and there is a walking path around it. The fortress walls, which divide the castle into courtyards, are also very well preserved. And on the walls of the courtyard, you can even see the battlements and the remains of the adjacent rectangular defense tower. Also, several buildings have survived in the courtyard, among which the central Hall, consisting of the lower and upper halls, stands out. In the outer courtyard, most likely, there were outbuildings that have not survived to this day.

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Topic: Eidon Castle in the UK.Eidon Castle in the UK

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