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Chillingham Castle in the UK

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ImageChillingham is one of the most famous haunted castle in England. According to legend, it is home to many ghosts, which attracts a large number of tourists here. Moreover, tourists come mainly not to see a ghost, but rather to feel the atmosphere of"old England" and listen to stories and legends. This castle is located near the southern borders of Scotland, in the county of Northumberland. It was built here in the XII century and was originally represented only by a watchtower. In the 13th century, the Gray family took over the castle. The kings of England and Scotland have stayed in this castle more than once. It is believed that during the won with Scotland, it was in this castle that the enemies of England were tortured. In 1344, the lookout tower was converted into a standard walled quadrangular castle. This wall, unfortunately, is now completely destroyed. Gradually, when the war with Scotland subsided, Chillingham began to turn into a secular castle with a banquet hall, gardens and a library. After the Second World War, the castle fell into desolation, until in 1980 it was acquired by Humphrey Wakefield, who restored the castle to almost its original state. The castle is rumored to be home to many ghosts, with three of them being the most famous. Of course, during the entire existence of the castle, no one has seen these ghosts, which does not prevent tourists from listening to ghost stories enchanted. The most famous ghost of the castle is the Shining (or blue) boy. They say that loud screams can be heard from the Pink Room at night, and a blue glow or even a boy dressed in blue clothes appears above the bed. By the way, during the repairs in the castle, skeletons of an adult and a child were found, which, most likely, were walled up alive. Another notable ghost is the Tormentor Sage, who lives in the torture chamber. No less famous is the famous spirit of Lady Mary Berkeley, which allegedly emerges from the portrait hanging in the Gray Room. Legend has it that Mary's husband left her because of her sister, and Mary was left alone in the castle to suffer. Among other things, there is a dungeon in the castle, which can only be entered through a small opening - most likely, the prisoners wrung their hands before being placed in this room. Only the skeleton of a girl remained in the cell - the last prisoner to die in Chillingham.

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Topic: Chillingham Castle in the UK.Chillingham Castle in the UK

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