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Norwich Castle in the UK, Angkor resort

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ImageNorwich, or Norwich, is a medieval castle located on an artificial hill. It was built in 1067 by order of William the Conqueror. At the time, Norwich was the only castle in all of East Anglia. From 1220 the castle and its additional buildings were used as a prison. In 1789, these additional buildings were demolished, and in 1793, John Sawney took over their restoration. The strongest reconstruction of the castle was in 1820. It was not used as a prison until 1887, when the Norwich authorities bought the castle and decided to use it as a museum. This museum opened in 1895. Visitors are attracted to the castle by exhibits that are associated with the castle being a prison, and many of the exhibits are very realistic. The Norwich basement contains the death masks of the assassins who were executed here. Also of interest is a collection of paintings by the famous watercolorist John Sell Cotman, who was the teacher of many famous artists. John's paintings cannot be taken out of the castle. It also houses paintings by other artists, which are made in a style close to that of Cotman. Norwich houses the world's largest collection of porcelain teapots. It is worth paying attention to"Mrs. Langton's Cats" - a collection of hundreds of figurines of cats from a variety of materials and from all over the world. The castle has a tunnel leading to the Royal Norflok Regiment Museum, where you can learn about military history from 1830.

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Topic: Norwich Castle in the UK, Angkor resort.Norwich Castle in the UK, Angkor resort

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