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Berwick Castle in Great Britain

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ImageThis castle, located right on the border of the long conflict between England and Scotland, has changed owners many times during its existence. Usually, the change of ownership was accompanied by an assault or siege, which led to serious destruction. In 1124 the castle was owned by the Scots. Then these places were quite lively - in their vicinity was the port and residence of the Scottish King David I. However, after 50 years, the British briefly reclaimed Berick, who was soon sold back to raise funds for the third Crusade. The English crown took possession of the castle again only in 1296. Edward Long-Legs, then ruler of England, ordered to fortify the castle and turn it into an outpost of military conflicts with Scotland. Since then, only a part of the White Wall, which separated the castle from the river, has survived to this day. Prominent captives were often kept in the dungeon of Berik Castle. For example, the Countess of Bukhana Isabella Macduff, who was imprisoned here for military assistance to Robert the Bruce, stayed here. In 1318 the Scots took over the castle again. Robert Bruce decides to strengthen and rebuild the castle even more, but already in 1330 Berik was again liberated by the British - even though at that time the castle was an impregnable citadel, surrounded by walls with 19 towers and 5 gates. After the capture, the castle has to be restored again, and this requires huge sums. When the conflict between England and Scotland subsided, the castle gradually began to lose its significance. The townspeople began to gradually take stone from it for construction, which is why many castle structures simply disappeared. Today, visitors to Berik can only see the ruins of the Constable Tower and the White Wall.

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Topic: Berwick Castle in Great Britain.Berwick Castle in Great Britain

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