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Kawa Ijen volcano in Indonesia, Java resort

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The Kawa Ijen volcano is located on the island of Java, not far from the small town of Banyuani, and is known for throwing hydrogen sulfide into the air over the years, not ash and lava. Kawa Ijen is quite a popular attraction, especially among lovers of"moonlit landscapes". Climbing the volcano takes no more than two hours, provided that you cover the first kilometer in an off-road vehicle. Further travel is possible only on foot, and it is necessary to stock up on comfortable shoes and, preferably, respirators. Now Kawa Ijen is nothing more than a sulfur mine, where local residents work. The work comes down to manual extraction of sulfur and its transportation from the crater of the volcano to the nearest delivery point. Sulfur is carried out from Kawa Ijen in wicker baskets, each weighing 60-70 kg, and the standard pay of an Indonesian for a day of hard and extremely harmful labor does not exceed $ 9. Needless to say, the average life expectancy of a sulfur mine worker does not exceed 30 years. Despite the extremely unfavorable working conditions, most residents are satisfied with their work, which is not something extraordinary for multi-million Indonesia, where the unemployment rate is off scale.

The thick fog that envelops the Kawa Ijen crater is nothing more than sulfur vapors, the veil of which occasionally diverges under gusts of wind: if you are lucky, then at an altitude of about three kilometers you can see a stunning panorama, as well as the inland lake Kava Ijen, which is usually the final destination of visiting the volcano. The lake is located right at the bottom of the Kawa Ijen crater, its waters have been saturated with sulfur compounds for many years, until they turned to acid and acquired a bright emerald hue. The temperature on the surface of the wonder lake is 60 ° C, and at a depth it can reach 200. It is strongly not recommended to approach the lake, let alone touch its surface.

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Topic: Kawa Ijen volcano in Indonesia, Java resort.Kawa Ijen volcano in Indonesia, Java resort

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