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Rinjani Volcano in Indonesia

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Rinjani or Rignani is a stratovolcano located in Indonesia on the island of Lambok. Rinjani has three sub-craters, the first of which was formed about 48 thousand years ago, the second - 3400 years ago, and the third, by historical standards, quite recently, in 1944. One of the largest Rignani eruptions recorded by scientists occurred in 1847 from the oldest subcrater. The maximum height of Rinjani is 3726 m, the last activity was observed in 2010.

The volcano is the third highest mountain in the country, however, Rinjani gained worldwide fame because of Lake Segara Anak located at its foot, which is considered by local residents a sacred place. The lake was formed as a result of a particularly large cataclysm, as a result of which part of the collapsed rocks formed a basin or, scientifically, a caldera, which eventually filled with water.

The slopes of Rinjani themselves are made of volcanic rocks and are barren, but at the foot of the mountain there are lush forests, part of which is known as the Rinjani National Park and is protected by UNESCO. The fauna of the national park is distinguished by exceptional species diversity and richness, since it is here, on the border of the islands of Lombok and Bali, that the so-called Wallace Line separates Australia from Asia.

The best time to visit Rinjani is November - mid" dry season. Climbing the volcano is difficult and even dangerous, in addition, for the entrance to the mountain you will have to pay about $ 15 per person, but those who have overcome the difficult path will receive a well-deserved reward - a stunning view of the crater lake and the forest surrounding the volcano.

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Topic: Rinjani Volcano in Indonesia.Rinjani Volcano in Indonesia

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