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Merapi volcano in Indonesia, Java resort

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Located on the island of Java, the Merapi volcano is the country's largest active volcano. Merapi is located near Yogyakarta, its height is 2914 meters. The inhabitants of Java have long dubbed the volcano a"killer": large eruptions occur, on average, every 7 years, smaller ones - several times a year, and smoke from the Merapi crater pours down every day. The reason for the constant activity of the volcano lies in its relatively small age (the formation of Merapi dates back to the Pleistocene), as well as its location: the volcano is located exactly at the junction of the Australian and Eurasian plates.

One of the most significant eruptions of Merapi occurred in 1673: then about 3,000 people were destroyed by a pyroclastic flow of dust, gas and ash, lava streams razed about a hundred settlements to the ground and changed the channels of nine rivers, and a powerful explosion literally reshaped the landscape of the island. Large-scale eruptions also marked the 30s and 70s of the 20th century. Currently, about a million people live in the"affected area" of the volcano, moreover, the slopes of Merapi have always been willingly populated by people. The secret of this seemingly not entirely logical behavior is simple: the slopes of Merapi are constantly fertilized with ash, which contains a huge amount of useful compounds that make the local land a real paradise for farmers. According to Indonesian farmers, anything and in any quantity grows on the slopes of the volcano. Simply put, the Merapi area is the granary of Java. Throughout the life of some local residents, the volcano has erupted many times, and there is not a single family that has not lost a house, property or a loved one due to Merapi.

Although the volcano has been intensively studied in recent decades and everything possible is being done to quickly evacuate residents in the event of a disaster, it is almost impossible to predict when Merapi will wake up again. There is only one sure way that has saved many more than once: to run as fast as you can, seeing the thickening black smoke over the top of the formidable mountain.

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Topic: Merapi volcano in Indonesia, Java resort.Merapi volcano in Indonesia, Java resort

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