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Gunung Batur volcano in Indonesia, Bali resort

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Gunung Batur or simply Batur is one of the largest Indonesian volcanoes located in the northeast of Bali and is a caldera with a maximum height of 1717 meters and a diameter of approximately 10x13.8 km. Batur began to form back in the Pleistocene, 500 thousand years ago, the outer and then the inner caldera was formed about 21-29 thousand years ago. The latter was later filled with water, thus forming a lake of the same name. Over the past few centuries, the volcanic activity of Gunug-Batur was not very strong: the most significant is the eruption of 1963-1964, as a result of which the local settlement in the valley was partially destroyed. In 2000, a strong ash ejection was observed, reaching a height of 300 meters, also in 2011, an impressive release of sulfur dioxide was noticed.

Gunung Batur is a well-known and recognizable tourist attraction, which is also a favorite destination for those who like to conquer the Indonesian peaks. Climbing Batur is a rather difficult task, if you do not use the road in the northeastern part of the mountain, but those who have overcome all obstacles will receive a reward - a beautiful view from the volcano to the surroundings. One of the most interesting and visited places in the Gunung Batur region are the hot springs that arose at the foot of the volcano, in the place where the lava flows into the lake. The springs are considered curative and annually attract many tourists and travelers, who usually stay in a small hotel nearby.

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Topic: Gunung Batur volcano in Indonesia, Bali resort.Gunung Batur volcano in Indonesia, Bali resort

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