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Cathedral of Jakarta in Indonesia, Jakarta resort

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Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located in the capital of Indonesia Jakarta and is the cathedral of the archdiocese of the same name. The church was built back in 1901 on the site of an old church that had fallen into disrepair. The architectural style of the cathedral can be defined as neo-gothic, however a significant difference from European churches of the same period is building material: the church is not made of stone, but of massive red brick, which is covered on top with plaster with patterns that imitate stone masonry. The spiers crowning the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary (central - 45 meters, right and left - 60 m each) are made of wrought iron in order to facilitate the entire constructions. The internal space is organized in the shape of a cross, the interior of the church quite laconic and strict, the only exception is the luxurious central altar and tabernacle: this is where the famous cross from gold, which is rumored to have been made in the 19th century in Holland and brought to a gift to the temple.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is still highly revered Catholics: the number of believers gathering for festive services is so it is great that tents are pitched right in front of the temple. Needless to say that everything significant events that take place in the cathedral are broadcast on local television. Interestingly, one of the main Catholic churches Indonesia is geographically located exactly opposite Istiklal - the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. It is said that between two religious centers strong friendly ties have been established, which in itself is amazing: so with a large influx of pilgrims, Istiklal often provides respectable Catholics, Islamic places in their no less Islamic parking lots, which, however, does not surprise anyone.

Access to the temple is open to everyone. Second floor of the cathedral, where there used to be choirs, it was no longer used for its intended purpose for reasons security: age-old structures made, as we remember, of bricks, now are unlikely to support a lot of weight. In this regard, on the empty areas organized a museum where you can see rare church relics and get to know the history Cathedral.

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Topic: Cathedral of Jakarta in Indonesia, Jakarta resort.Cathedral of Jakarta in Indonesia, Jakarta resort

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