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Bogor Palace in Indonesia, Java Resort

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The Bogor Presidential Palace is located in Indonesia, on the island of Java, in the vicinity of the city of Bagor. The building is a rather unusual building in the colonial style, erected in the middle of the 18th century for the Dutch governors. After Indonesia gained independence, Bogor became one of the six presidential palaces and retains this status to this day. Bogor Palace is the center of a whole estate located on the territory of the famous botanical garden called Bogor (local places do not delight tourists with a variety of names), which has been open for free visits since 1968. The most popular attraction of the estate is a unique exhibition of rare art objects, consisting of 220 paintings and 140 sculptures, collected by the first President of Indonesia, Sukarno. the most incredible rumors circulated about its luxurious collections.

Every year, the Bogor Palace is visited by about 10 thousand tourists. You can explore all the interesting corners of the estate on dolman - a traditional Indonesian vehicle, which is a horse-drawn carriage.

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Topic: Bogor Palace in Indonesia, Java Resort.Bogor Palace in Indonesia, Java Resort

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