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Dominion Theater in Great Britain, London Resort

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The Dominion Theater is one of the theaters in London. Famous for that here you can see not only dramatic performances, plays and musicals, but and movies, and even attend a Sunday service. The theater is located not far from St. Giles Square, on Tottenham Court Road in the West End.

The building of the Dominion theater was built according to the project architects Thomas and William Milburn in 1928-1929. made of steel and concrete. Initially, it was assumed that within the walls of the new theater will be shown only theatrical performances. However, after the theater was closed for a short time in the 1930s years, it was refurbished and equipped with equipment for showing films.

The theater is designed for more than 2800 seats and, despite this large capacity, no problems with filling. Good location close to the intersection of the great streets of Charing Cross Road, Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road contributed to the fact that the hall was always full of people.

During the war years, the theater was closed during the London Blitz, but already at the beginning of 1941 it was opened. After the war, Dominion collaborated with theater"New Victoria", demonstrating their program on pre-show days practically unchanged. In 1956, the decision was made on stage "Dominion" show performances. For this, reconstruction was necessary, which was carried out in a short time. In the fall of 1956, the first major staging -   The Judy Garland Show. But movies continued to be screened here more regularly.

After a while, the theater was equipped with a new audio and the Todd AO video system, which allows scrolling of both regular and widescreen feeds. In addition, the number of seats in the hall has been reduced by almost half. Has been updated and repertoire, during this period the film"South of the Pacific Ocean" was released, which was at the box office for the longest time - almost 4.5 years. The next popular film was "Cleopatra", published in 1963. Since the fall of 1981, the theater moved to demonstration of only performances, only premieres were the exception cult films such as Return of the Jedi in 1983. Since the 1990s in Dominion has shown such famous and beautiful productions as "Grease","Swan Lake","Beauty and the Beast","Cathedral of the Paris Our Lady"and others.

Over the past years, many things have changed in the theater: dressing rooms were restored, windows were replaced, the theater buffet was restored, a rehearsal studio was equipped, the original design of the entrances was restored. At the same time, the original lighting and stucco moldings have been preserved since the 1920s.

In 2002-2009. in the"Dominion" was shown the musical"We Will Rock You", based on the songs of the group" Queen"and created by the guitarist group B. May. This is the longest-lived production of this theater.

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