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Savoy Theater in Great Britain, London Resort

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The Savoy Theater is a theater in London, built in 1881 on historical place.

In 1263 on the site of today's theater there was an amazing The Savoy Palace, owned by the Earl of Richmond. The family estate was burned down in during the peasant uprising in 1831. At the beginning of the 16th century, there was a hospital for the poor was built, which ceased to exist 200 years later. Later it housed a prison. In 1864 there was a fire that destroyed everything the buildings. In 1880, the scorched wasteland was bought by a theater impresario and composer Richard D'Oiley. He dreamed of creating his own musical theater.

The Savoy Theater building was built by S. J. Philipps. It was created in the style of the Italian Renaissance. The building was in every sense innovative - all lighting was provided only by electricity, and all materials used in construction have been treated with fireproof and protective equipment.

The theater has become very successful from the first day of its work. A significant role in this was played by Gilbert and Sullivan, whose operettas were regularly performed on scene"Savoy". After the theater was closed several times due to the change of owners. Since 1915, permanent work was resumed - the theater was headed by Rupert D'Ouilly, son of the founder of the theater. The repertoire was changed, the theater regained popularity. In the spring of 1929 the Savoy Theater was closed for reconstruction, all the interiors were rebuilt, and the interior was also modified.

In 1990, there was another fire in the theater, almost completely who destroyed it. By 1993, the building was rebuilt, the appearance of the theater was completely restored. The first event held in the renovated theater was World Chess Championship, which was won by Garry Kasparov. At the turn of the century XX and XXI, many operettas, plays and musicals were shown on the stage of the theater: "Relative values","Freaks","She loves me","It's funny to die","Communicating through the door"," About mice and people"," Peter Pan and the pirates"," Songs to whom I taught by my mother ”, the operas“ The Marriage of Figaro ”and“ The Barber of Seville ”, musicals“ Not I will never forget"," Legally Blonde"," Cabaret"and others.

Nowadays on the stage of the" Savoy"theater is regularly shown musical"Let it be", dedicated to the Beatles and representing live rock concert with elements of documentary films. The viewer will understand by looking this performance, why the Liverpool four is still the most famous and successful music project in the UK.

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