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Lyceum Theater in Great Britain, London resort

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The Lyceum Theater is one of London's most famous theaters the whole world and invariably attracting tourists to their performances."Lyceum" famous for its acting troupe and beautiful architecture.

The theater building was designed and built by an architect D. Payne in 1765. It was originally intended for the Society Artists of London. The building was rebuilt in 1794. It is from this moment that begins history of the theater. Over time, the building was rebuilt several more times, including among other things, the theater used the system of gas lighting.

In the period 1809-1812. a troupe from Tetra worked in the Lyceum Drury Lane. Then the theater was named"House of the English Opera". On his the stage was shown staging only English plays and operas.

Since 1844, the theater has been working all year round, without interruption, expanded the repertoire and attracted more and more visitors with a variety of performances. At this time, G. Irving, K. Bateman, the wife of Kelly, E. Westris, K. Fechter, I. L. Bateman. The greatest flowering of the theater experienced in 1878-1898, when the theater was headed by G. Irving. The performances were shown regularly, the halls were always crowded. Irving has established a new direction with his performances - a spectacular performance.

In 1905, after the death of G. Irving, the life of the theater stops. The fame of the theater is gradually forgotten, and a series of fires inflict significant damage to the theater building. The theater needs a major renovation which was held in 1907. During the work, the architecture was completely changed of the building, only the front part remained original. They didn't put it here anymore theater and opera performances, occasionally shown by variety shows or musicals. During the war years, the genre of staging changed to dramatic, but pantomime, harlequinade and clownery were still popular. Juggling and acrobatics also remained in the repertoire until 1939. At the time of the Second World War II the theater was closed. In the 50s the theater became a great dance theater hall, in the 60-70s - a place for performances of modern rock and pop stars. IN In 1996, another restoration was carried out, after which the theater came to life. The first performance after renovation was the rock opera “Jesus Christ - superstar". Today the theater demonstrates to the viewer original and interesting staging of musicals and operas. The main repertoire of the theater also includes plays Shakespeare.

Theater"Lyceum" enjoys a special love of the audience, because besides the skills of the actors are captivated by the amazing architecture of the building, which has absorbed after numerous reconstructions and restorations, the best traditions of different generations, architectural trends and the talent of many architects.

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