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Theater Royal Drury Lane UK, Resort London

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Theater Royal Drury Lane - the oldest continuously operating theaters in Great Britain, in the period of the XVII-XIX centuries. was considered the main Drama Theater of London. In 2013, the theater celebrated its 350th anniversary.

The first theater on Drury Lane was built on the initiative of Thomas Killigrew, with the permission of Charles II. The opening of the theater took place in 1663. The theater became the cultural center of the city during the Restoration. Hall the wooden theater could hold up to 700 spectators, and every day the hall was overcrowded.

In 1672 there was a fire, in which the theater completely burned out. The new stone building was built by the royal architect C. Ren, and was opened in 1674. The auditorium was designed for 2000 spectators, and repertoire - based on classical pieces by D. Dryden and W.   Congreve.

The golden age of the theater was the first third of the 18th century, when it was run by the playwright and actor K. Sibber, the comedian R. Wilkes and the character actor T. Doggett. They cut costs, so they gave up expensive decorations and attracted the audience with feigned performance, mincing and flirting. The next director was very stingy, so the theater was on the verge of collapse. Since 1747 years the theater began to return to its former form - the new director, an English actor David Garrick tried to make the productions more natural. With him Drury Lane has become one of the most famous and foremost theaters in Europe. Here plays by Shakespeare and operas by M. Arn were staged.

In 1794, the theater building was demolished to avoid a fire, soon a new one was built. However, it burned down 15 years later. Current building built in 1812. During the Victorian era, Drury Lane Theater came to decline, having lost its former meaning.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the theater seemed to be reborn - already as the music hall, where the frivolous comedies of Dan Leno were staged. In 1958 the building the theater was declared a first class national monument.
After World War II, the famous Noel Coward worked at the Drury Lane Theater, here musicals by R. Rogers and O. Hammerstein were staged. In 1974, here successfully the equally famous Monty Python troupe performed. Today at the theater Drury Lane regularly hosts various performances, mainly musicals. ImageImage

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Topic: Theater Royal Drury Lane UK, Resort London.Theater Royal Drury Lane UK, Resort London

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