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Young Vic in the UK, London resort

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The Young Vic Theater is located in London's Lambeth neighborhood near South Bank. It got its name thanks to its older and famous neighbor - the Old Vic Theater, which is considered the first home of the National Theater.

The creation of the new theater took place in the middle of the 20th century. In the post-war years, director George Devine created an offshoot of the Old Vic theater school to stage classics for younger audiences. The target audience for Young-Vic's performances was children aged 9-15.

A few decades later, the theater, which was originally part of the Old Vic, gained independence and a new building. Since the 70s, Young Vic has accommodated five hundred spectators in its hall. In addition, the theater building has 2 additional sites for 150 and 70 people. The main feature of the Yang-Vic theater is the close proximity of the stage to the audience.

Classical plays that have undergone new creative rethinking take the leading role among the theater's productions. The specialization of the theater is to provide the opportunity to prove themselves to young talented directors actors. During Young-Wick's time, many famous actors just starting their careers made their debut here: Ian Charleson, Timothy Dalton, Vanessa Redgrave, Jude Law, Helen Mirren, Clive Owen and Judy Dench.

In the 2000s, the theater led by playwright David Lan, known for his credo:"a great game for great viewers, now and in the future." Tourists visiting London may be advised to visit Young Vic as a theater with a brilliant artistic reputation.

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