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Chinese tea house in Germany, Potsdam spa

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Chinese tea house – an element of the Sanssouci park complex, along with the House with Dragons, this structure reflects the interest of the Prussian king Frederick the Great in Asian architecture. It is located among the trees on the border of the Goat Park. The building was intended to decorate his summer residence.

The Chinese tea house appeared in the park in 1754-1764 and was designed by the architect Johann Gottfried Buring (aka the creator of the Picture Gallery). The protracted construction time was due to the Seven Years' War that happened at that time.

This garden pavilion is very interesting for the combination of such diverse architectural styles as East Asian building forms and elements of ornamentation in the Rococo style. The building looks a bit like a clover leaf in shape. From the round hall in the center, three offices diverge in different directions, between which open verandas are arranged. The roof is shaped like a tent.

The dome of the roof is crowned with an important gilded Chinese mandarin sitting under the umbrella of an umbrella. Around the perimeter of the building, you can also see a number of gilded sculptures by the sculptors Benkert and Heimuller. And complementing the Asian theme are collections of Chinese and Japanese porcelain items inside the teahouse.

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Topic: Chinese tea house in Germany, Potsdam spa.Chinese tea house in Germany, Potsdam spa

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