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Sanssouci Palace and Park in Germany, Potsdam Resort

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One of the most famous palaces of King Frederick the Great is Potsdam's Sanssouci, which is surrounded by a magnificent park of the same name. The castle offers a beautiful view of the vast vineyards around. Due to the uniqueness of the castle in historical and architectural terms, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for the third decade.

The Sanssouci Palace was built in 1745-1747, the building project belonged to King Frederick himself ... He wanted the castle to be a pleasant summer residence in which he could enjoy nature and tranquility, and it is not for nothing that the name of the castle translates as 'no worries'. The building was originally conceived to be quite simple and one-story, in the Baroque style.

The center of the castle's composition is the lobby and the oval-shaped marble hall, modeled on the Roman Pantheon. From them are the guest rooms on one side and the king's apartments on the other. The latter include bedrooms, a library, an office, etc. The castle is distinguished by an abundance of frescoes, sculptures and various decorative objects.

Friedrich loved his country palace so much that he even wished to be buried here. However, after the death of the king in 1786, his wish was not fulfilled, only in 1991 he was reburied in his beloved Sanssouci.

Friedrich's successor Wilhelm II added the Marble Palace and the New Garden to the architectural ensemble , made in the then popular classicism style. But for a long time, the rulers were not particularly interested in the castle. Friedrich Wilhelm IV took up the project thoroughly, entrusting the reconstruction to the architect Ferdinand von Arnim. He adhered to the Rococo style when decorating the interior, but also used elements of the Renaissance, antique style, etc.

Starting from the end of the 19th century, the palace became a house-museum, where anyone could go now. Surprisingly, a large part of the castle has survived even after the battles for Potsdam in World War II.

A special attraction is the park surrounding the castle. Its vast territory is located on hilly terrain, on the peaks, paths meet and intersect. Here, in the neat alleys, visitors will find an abundance of various fruit trees, as well as vegetable plantings. Frederick believed that the park should not only be beautiful, but also useful.

Also worth noting is the mosque-shaped steam engine designed to supply water for the numerous fountains of the park. From the eastern edge of the park, an artificial pond complements the general view.  

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Topic: Sanssouci Palace and Park in Germany, Potsdam Resort.Sanssouci Palace and Park in Germany, Potsdam Resort

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