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Marble Palace in Germany, Potsdam spa

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Marble Palace — element of the palace and park complex of the New Garden in Potsdam. This building was built in the style of early classicism in the years 1787-1792. The order for the construction was given by King Frederick Wilhelm II, who wished to live in a residence that corresponded to his artistically gifted nature. The project was implemented by the famous architect Karl von Gontard, who was previously involved in the arrangement of the Sanssouci Park.

Friedrich Wilhelm II wanted to move away from the Rococo and Baroque styles so beloved by his uncle Frederick II. For the construction of the Marble Palace, red brick was used, the building was square and had two floors. The roof was complemented by a rotunda, which offered a unique view of the surroundings, for example, the island of Pfaueninsel. And the palace got its name for the gray and white marble decoration of the facade.

A side staircase descended from the terrace to the boat dock on the lake, from where one could freely swim to the capital's palace Charlottenburg, which the king often I did it with pleasure. Right there, on the lake shore, a palace kitchen was built, stylized as temple ruins. Along the underground passage, food was delivered from here to the Grotto Hall of the palace.

After the death of the founder of the temple, the building began to grow in breadth. Side wings were completed, connected by galleries with the palace. Frederick Wilhelm III suspended the construction, and Frederick Wilhelm IV took over the interior decoration of the wings. At the end of the 19th century, the family of the future Kaiser Wilhelm II managed to live in the castle. And in 1917, the last owners of the palace of royal blood moved from here - the son of William II with his wife Cecilia.

After the overthrow of the monarchy, long disputes between the state and the House of Hohenzollern over the right to own the palace ended in the transfer in 1926 The Marble Palace came under the control of the Prussian palaces. A museum has been operating here since 1932. After World War II, the building housed the Soviet House of Officers, and then the German Army Museum opened.


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Topic: Marble Palace in Germany, Potsdam spa.Marble Palace in Germany, Potsdam spa

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