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ImageSutton Hoo is a large mound necropolis discovered in 1938-39 in the English county of Suffolk, just east of Woodbridge. The historical value of the treasures found in the mound is truly enormous. This is one of the most significant archaeological finds in the history of Great Britain. The necropolis of Sutton Hoo was discovered by a very active treasure hunter named Edith Mary Pritty. It was she who, obeying the indistinct images she saw, decided to start excavating the mound. Edith Mary Pritty was looking for a treasure, but in the end, amateur archaeologists stumbled inside the largest of several hills on a large burial chamber. It contained the decayed but still clearly distinguishable remains of the burial ship of a certain Anglo-Saxon king. Historians have identified the similarity of such a burial with Swedish burial grounds. Also, a shield and a sword with a golden handle, a golden buckle with images of animals, and also something similar to a scepter were found inside the mound. Nearby lay a musical instrument - a lyre with six strings, wrapped in a beaver skin. In addition, among the treasures was a purse full of coins, and Byzantine and Egyptian silverware. It is still unknown whether the king himself was buried in the grave or if it was a cenotaph (a monument without burial). Perhaps the acidic soils of Suffolk County simply completely dissolved the body. What kind of king rested here is still not clear. There is an assumption that it was the East English king Redwald, and the mound was created in the late 6th - early 7th centuries. Since 2002, even a special tourist center has been operating at Sutton Hoo.

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