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Picture gallery of Sanssouci in Germany, Potsdam spa

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You can visit the Sanssouci art gallery in the park of the same name. It is one of the oldest art museums in Germany. The gallery is of interest not only as a collection of works by remarkable artists, but also as a piece of architectural art. No wonder this picture gallery – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A greenhouse was originally built on the site of the gallery, east of the palace. But later, when the collection of King Frederick, a passionate art lover, no longer fit in the palace, he commissioned the architect Johann Gottfried Buhring to build a separate gallery building, which was done in 1755 - 1764.

The gallery was luxurious, but a very graceful one-story building with a dome in the center, which was crowned with an image of an eagle and a snake. From the side of the garden, the architect decorated the building with sculptures allegorically depicting various arts and sciences. Inside the building, you can see gilded ceilings and a floor lined with diamond-shaped pieces of marble.

The exhibition hall occupies most of the gallery building. Frederick was particularly fond of Italian, Flemish and French artists. The greenish Baroque walls are hung with paintings, the most valuable of which are Thomas the Unbeliever. Caravaggio, The Trinity Van Dyck and the Four Evangelists and `` Saint Jerome '' Rubens.

A separate smaller room is reserved for small art forms. In 1829, about 50 canvases were transferred to the capital's Old Museum, and marble sculptures were sent there. However, after the redevelopment of the Sanssouci gallery in 1929 — 1930, its collection was replenished again, more than a hundred canvases came here from Berlin.

They were hastily rescued for the Second World collection, but a number of works disappeared. in particular in Russia. Until today, some canvases have not been returned to their frames, which are empty on the walls. A number of paintings are still in Russian collections and the question of returning stolen works of art is still relevant. In place of several stolen canvases in the art gallery there are empty frames without paintings, symbolizing loss from theft.

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Topic: Picture gallery of Sanssouci in Germany, Potsdam spa.Picture gallery of Sanssouci in Germany, Potsdam spa

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