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Charlottenhof Palace in Germany, Potsdam spa

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Charlottenhof Palace – another architectural structure that is part of the ensemble of the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam. It is located on the southeast side of the Sanssouci Palace, stretching to the Belvedere. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 1825, this one-storey house was purchased by King Frederick William III. He was going to rebuild the castle for his son, the future King Frederick William IV and his wife Elizabeth Louis of Bavaria. The heir took very serious steps to remodel this medieval building in an effort to create a suitable summer residence for himself. The reconstruction was supervised by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

On the old foundation, a new, simple, but an elegant palace in a classicist style, reminiscent of a Roman villa. The central part of the building consisted of the vestibule and the hall overlooking the garden, as before. On both sides of the hall there were rooms, an office and the king's bedroom.

The furnishings in the interior of the castle were quite strict, without unnecessary luxury. The only exception can be considered as the chair in the study, decorated with silver. By the way, this luxurious piece of furniture was made by Tula craftsmen. The walls were abundantly decorated with works of Renaissance and Baroque painters.

The thematic decoration of the halls of the palace is also interesting. Each room differs in its materials and colors, even the doors are decorated differently from different sides. Particularly curious is the 'camp hall' resembling in appearance the tent of some ancient Roman military leader. The room is completely made in white colors with blue stripes.

By the way, it was in this room that the famous traveler stayed in his time   Alexander von Humboldt, invited here by Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm. Also, the ladies of the court who visited the castle often spent the night here.

Particular attention is drawn to the park around the Charlottenhof Palace. It was designed by the garden architect Peter Josef Lenne. He managed to transform the little-developed wetland into a beautiful English-style park with meadows, trees and ponds. This park is also perfectly connected to the old park & nbsp; Sanssouci.

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Topic: Charlottenhof Palace in Germany, Potsdam spa.Charlottenhof Palace in Germany, Potsdam spa

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